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Priti Patel defends scheme to resettle refugees from Afghanistan

As the situation in Afghanistan worsens with the fall of the government and the fleeing of the president, it is now up to many countries around the world to assist those who have managed to flee the nation to be resettled. As of now the government is looking at assisting close to 5000 Afghans who are now displaced and at risk due to the dire situation in their country. However, […]

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British Student Holidaying in Afghanistan Rescued by Army

While much of the world looked on in horror as the Taliban steadily advanced towards the Presidential Palace in Afghanistan, Miles Routledge was on the lookout for a summer vacation. As bizarre as it may sounds, this young man made a firm choice from the comfort of his home in the UK to pick from a list of dangerous countries, Afghanistan as his alternative to a beach holiday. This baffling […]

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Beloved comedian Sean Lock dies from cancer at the age of 58

Sean Lock was a familiar face for many people across the UK. From his many appearances on shows such as 8 out of 10 Cats and QI, he was known for his sharp wit and his seemingly unending ability to end to make audiences double over in glee. The outpouring of sorrow was also filled in by fellow comics such as Lee Mack, Alan Davies as well as Richard Osman […]

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Princess Beatrice it would be a ‘gift if her unborn baby has dyslexia’

At the age of 33, Beatrice is looking the birth of her first child with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, sometime this year. With both Beatrice and Edoardo being diagnosed with dyslexia, it is believed that the learning difficulty is one that runs through the families. This means that the couple have also been very aware that their baby may also be born with this diagnosis. It is estimated that around 1 […]

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Animals in transit to be given more space to improve livestock welfare

In a major development in the life of livestock all across Wales, there will now be stricter rules that are set in place to ensure that livestock welfare is improved. This is set to take place in the event of a transit that entails extreme temperatures and a maximum journey length between four and 24 hours. This shift is mainly driven by new evidence that is surfacing and pointing towards […]

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Should all UK teenagers be vaccinated?

As of today, close to two-thirds of European countries plan to roll out their vaccination programmes to children aged 12 and over. The UK government has in fact announced that they will be offering the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to a over a million 16–17-year-olds across the nation. It is with this step that the UK is edging closer towards the ranks of other countries such as the […]

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