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West Bromwich fan jailed for eight weeks for racially abusing footballer

It is not often that you get to hear the story of a fan who went too far and ended up right in jail, especially for the crime or racially abusing a footballer online. In a day and age where people feel like they can say anything online, there is now a precedent set that is likely to make others think twice about following in the footsteps of this racist. […]

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Romeo Beckham signs his first football contract

It is not often that someone dreams of pursuing a career of becoming a world-famous footballer. However, what is more uncommon and likely a more complex issue is having to do some with a father who is one of the most well-known individuals and sportsmen in the world. David Beckham’s son, Romeo Beckham, had long been working on his hopes of becoming a great footballer. This past week however his […]

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Labour leader says party now has ‘credible programme’ to win

Sir Keir Starmer has said the Labour conference this week was a turning point for the party and it now has a "credible programme" to win the next general election. The Labour leader, speaking the morning after his keynote speech, said if voters do not want to support the plans put forward at conference then he does not know what their problem is. "If you dissent, if you don't like affordable […]

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Wicked The Musical returns to West End

Wicked The Musical is a global phenomenon, and has launched the careers of some of the world's biggest stage stars, including Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. The musical is told from the perspective of the witches of the Land of Oz; its plot begins before and continues after Dorothy Gale arrives in Oz from Kansas, and includes several references to the 1939 film and Baum's novel.  Wicked tells the story […]

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Vic Reeves says tumour left him completely deaf in one ear

While it is never easy to have to go through cancer in any circumstance, comedian Vic Reeves has certainly had to deal with quite a difficult time. With the discovery of an inoperable brain tumour, life was not easy however, this was entirely exacerbated by the realisation that this brain tumour has also left him deaf in one ear. Furthermore, the jarring reality of this is that because the growth […]

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge hints she could create a rival to James Bond

Speaking on the red carpet at the world premiere of new 007 movie No Time to Die, which she helped to write, the Fleabag creator said she would not be in favour of a female Bond.  "I think Bond is James Bond," she said at the Royal Albert Hall. "We just need to cook up someone to rival him." Asked if she was the one to do that, she laughed […]

todayOctober 27, 2021


Little Mix star Perrie Edwards shares name of new-born son

  A birth of a new born child is always a momentous occasion in the life of a parent. The spectrum of emotions that has to be dealt with leading up to the birth followed up by the euphoria of seeing your new born baby is something that cannot be simply quantified. It was this experience that the Little Mix Star Perrie Edwards recently had the luck to experience for […]

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Vaccine passports to be introduced

If the current trends are to continue, the world will continue to push for a shift to normalcy, even amidst the lockdowns that are taking place. In order to facilitate these needs in a safe and sustainable manner minister Nadhim Zahawi is pushing for calls to keep the economy open and the introduction of a vaccine passport. While the minister stated that the decision for children to be vaccinated should […]

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Parents refusing to send children to school during COVID vaccination campaign

These are times of great panic and frustration for many people, and amongst the frustrated are a group of parents who are finding it difficult to tackle the urgency of getting their children vaccinated during this pandemic.  The confusion seems to have initially begun when it was announced by family groups that the laws in place currently, state that the final choice of whether to take a vaccine or not […]

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