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Security breach at Windsor castle

An investigation into a "extraordinary breach of security" is underway after an intruder dressed as a priest allegedly spent the night eating and drinking with soldiers at a barracks near Windsor Castle.   On Wednesday, while the Queen was at Sandringham for Easter, police were called to reports of an intruder at Victoria Barracks on Sheet Street in Windsor. The Coldstream Guards, known for their distinctive red jackets and black […]

todayMay 4, 2022 2


UK Foreign Secretary condemns Russian forces on Ukrainian soil

Ms. Liz Truss stated in a keynote speech in London that victory for Ukraine is now a “strategic imperative” for the West. This is the most explicit statement yet of Britain's war objectives, which have previously been limited to stating that President Putin's invasion of Ukraine “must fail and be seen to fail.” She stated that Western allies should “double down” on their support for Ukraine. “We will go further […]

todayApril 28, 2022 4


PM Boris Johnson assures that his leadership will continue

This week, the prime minister paid a two-day official visit to India, where he met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and vowed to strengthen trade ties with the country. The Prime Minister has been repeatedly questioned about his future as the scandal continues to haunt him, despite his efforts to shift his focus to broader issues during this trip. Robert Largan, the latest of more than a dozen Tory […]

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Rwanda asylum plan condemned by many, including the UN

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that anyone arriving in the UK illegally from 14 April – or from 1 January this year – may be deported to Rwanda, where they will be offered permanent residency or returned to their country of origin. Human rights organisations have called the scheme, which aims to provide “safe and legal routes for asylum seekers while disrupting the business model of people smugglers,” “inhumane” […]

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Tory MP criticises process of resettling refugees

Robert Jenrick, a former cabinet minister, has slammed the scheme to resettle Ukrainian refugees as "overly bureaucratic" after becoming the first MP to welcome a Ukrainian family to the UK. According to government figures, approximately 16,400 people had arrived in the UK under Ukraine visa schemes by Monday, with 13,200 arriving under the Ukraine family scheme and 3,200 arriving under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. According to the Department for […]

todayApril 18, 2022 3


Boris Johnson promises to aid Ukraine in latest meeting

Downing Street has confirmed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv. The visit was described as a show of solidarity with the people of Ukraine by No. 10. According to a spokesman, Mr Johnson's trip is being used to lay out a new package of financial and military aid. It comes just one day after the UK announced £100 million in weapons for Ukraine […]

todayApril 11, 2022 3


The crisis in Sri Lanka

For months, Sri Lanka, a country of 22 million people, has been dealing with a foreign exchange crisis and acute shortages of basic necessities. Tensions have been building as long lines for food and fuel have resulted in deaths and power outages have become the norm. According to reports, the island nation is $3 million in debt, of which $1 billion has to be paid by July. The pandemic exacerbated […]

todayApril 5, 2022 8


Downgrade of cancer survival rates in England

Cancer. The word alone is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Cancer can be defined as a disease in which certain cells of the body grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. The dangerous part of cancer is that it can develop almost anywhere in the human body, which contains trillions of cells. In recent times in the UK, MPs are warning that the NHS is […]

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Police to start issuing fines over lockdown parties at Downing Street

On Tuesday, British police announced that 20 fines would be imposed for gatherings in Boris Johnson's offices and residence that violated coronavirus lockdown rules, prompting new opposition calls for the prime minister to resign. “Boris Johnson’s Downing Street has been found guilty of breaking the law,” Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said. “The culture is set from the very top. The buck stops with the prime minister, who spent months […]

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