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The crisis in Sri Lanka

For months, Sri Lanka, a country of 22 million people, has been dealing with a foreign exchange crisis and acute shortages of basic necessities. Tensions have been building as long lines for food and fuel have resulted in deaths and power outages have become the norm. According to reports, the island nation is $3 million in debt, of which $1 billion has to be paid by July. The pandemic exacerbated […]

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Downgrade of cancer survival rates in England

Cancer. The word alone is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Cancer can be defined as a disease in which certain cells of the body grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. The dangerous part of cancer is that it can develop almost anywhere in the human body, which contains trillions of cells. In recent times in the UK, MPs are warning that the NHS is […]

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Police to start issuing fines over lockdown parties at Downing Street

On Tuesday, British police announced that 20 fines would be imposed for gatherings in Boris Johnson's offices and residence that violated coronavirus lockdown rules, prompting new opposition calls for the prime minister to resign. “Boris Johnson’s Downing Street has been found guilty of breaking the law,” Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said. “The culture is set from the very top. The buck stops with the prime minister, who spent months […]

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Queen appears to be tearful at Prince Philip’s memorial

Her Majesty's first major official engagement since delivering a speech at the Welsh Senedd on 14 October was the Thanksgiving Service. The Queen was visibly moved as she attended Prince Philip's memorial service, her first major public appearance in months. She drove to the Thanksgiving Service in a car with Prince Andrew, a move that will be interpreted as a clear signal of the monarch's support for her son. The […]

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UK eases visa rules for Ukrainian refugees

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. The country and its people were hit with missiles and what the attack left was the devastating destruction of valuable and commercial buildings and most of all, the death of innocent people. The other countries have now extended their full support in supplying aid. One of the main ways to help is by providing assistance to the refugees. On the 1st […]

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Queen Elizabeth tests positive for COVID-19

In the wake of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, where the 95-year-old monarch is celebrating 70 years on the throne, there has been some unfortunate news to come from Buckingham Palace. The Queen has tested positive for COVID-19. She’s experiencing mild cold-like symptoms and is doing her duties as little as possible, so as to help along the healing process. She is triple-vaccinated, which will aid her greatly in recovery. This […]

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Murky situation over at Ukraine

What exactly is happening over in Ukraine? This is the continuation of a conflict that started in 2014. This was and still is, in regard to the annexation of Crimea by Russia from Ukraine, after the Soviet Union broke up in the early ‘90s... It was an illegal annexation. Then in October 2021, Russia started to move militia and military equipment near the Ukraine border. This was, without reason, a […]

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Queen celebrates 70th anniversary of accession

Queen Elizabeth II, born Elizabeth Alexandra May, is, in simple words, quite the legendary character. She is the oldest living and longest - reigning current monarch and she has seen many things during her time of reign. The Queen is also known as a monarch who has a deep sense of duty, both to the state and religion. She was also glamorised as a “fairytale Queen”, because the people thought […]

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Boris Johnson: “cannot get involved”, in response to Ghani’s allegations

Nusrat Ghani is a British politician belonging to the British Conservative party and who has been a Member of Parliament for Wealden in East Sussex since 2015. She was instrumental in the cross-party campaign for the introduction of the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill; in which the parliament agreed unanimously on her motion regarding the serious risk of genocide in Xinjiang, China as well as condemning the actions of […]

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