The Chat Trap

Presented by Jaimmy

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If you are looking to keep yourself occupied with inspiring conversation and if you also want to stay updated with all the hot gossip, The Chat Trap cohosted by Jaimmy, is the perfect show for you. Jaimmy’s love for radio stems from the fact that she is able to put a smile on your face with her words. Speaking is what she loves to do and her career in radio allows her to utilize her passion productively as she keeps you motivated and entertained. During her free time Jaimmy loves to travel, to write and also loves to binge watch her favorite true crime documentaries. She is also a mythology and history fanatic and loves to research and read historical books related to ancient mythological beliefs and practices. Jaimmy has a lot on her plate and she says that working two part time jobs while being a fulltime honors student can be stressful sometimes. Yet she copes by attempting to focus on the good things in life even during the hardships. In Jaimmy’s perspective, succeeding professionally seems to be one of her main priorities. Even though it may seem hard, she believes that it is her purpose in life to do so. Jaimmy has her own perspectives and ideas, but one thing that she tends to enjoy the most is listening to other people speak about their opinions even though they might be a 100% different to hers. Jaimmy has learnt to accept that everyone thinks differently and that is absolutely alright as long as it does not harm another person. This ability makes Jaimmy unique since we live in a society where people cannot handle opposing opinions and that causes so many strains on so many levels. Which is why, she is ever ready to hear out your opinions and ideas during the show.

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