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Presented by Kale

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Monday 9:00 pm trending_flat 12:00 am
Tuesday 9:00 pm trending_flat 12:00 am
Wednesday 9:00 pm trending_flat 12:00 pm
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Friday 9:00 pm trending_flat 6:00 pm

Time to wind down on The Vibe with Kyle!

Every night from Monday to Friday, Kyle on The Vibe is here to bring you the best of Traveling, Living and Pop Culture. Tune in from 9pm to 12 midnight (UK Time), and 1:30am to 4:30am (Sri Lankan Time) to stay up to date on the latest happenings.

As the night deepens, there is no better companion to keep you company than the veteran radio host Kyle, with over 9 years of experience gracing the frequencies. With his abundance of experience as well as his humble demeanour, Kyle becomes a friend by your side during the later hours of the day.

Creating a safe space to entertain you is Kyle’s forte, and he has honed his skills over the years as he welcomes you into his humble abode.

When he is not charming the radio waves, Kyle is typically found cooking and working on his dream to own his own restaurant in the future.

Bring in the good vibrations with The Vibe, alongside Kayla and Kyle is Miella!

Tune in everyday from Monday to Friday from 10pm to11pm cruise right through the early hours of the morning. As the crew zooms through the latest and most interesting stories around travel, living as well as pop culture, sit back and relax as you settle in for the day ahead.

Miella glides gracefully from one topic to another leaving you to wonder where she gets this knack from. Well, her childhood passion in ice skating may certainly have something to do with it!

With dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur by entertaining her listening with discussions that revolve around a variety of dynamic topics, Miella is ready to bring her creative mind to the forefront of any conversation.

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